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Scott C. Hammond was a faculty member in the Communications Department at Brigham Young University. He received a bachelor's degree in political science in 1984 and a master's degree in organizational behavior in 1987 from BYU. He received his PhD in organizational communication from the University of Utah in 1997.

Hammond has also taught at Utah Valley University and on the USU Roosevelt Campus for Utah State University. He is on the executive Committee of the Western Academy of Management, and is also an organizational development consultant and specializes in whole systems change processes in scientific, technical and medical organizations.

He has published numerous articles on organizational change, leadership and dialogic problem solving. As the author of Lessons of the Lost: Finding Yourself in Work, Life and Wilderness, Hammond is a regular guest in talk radio stations nationwide.

In addition to his professional work, he is a volunteer search and rescue worker with Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs and a member of the National Search and Rescue.

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