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Larrie E. Gale was a member of the Theatre and Media Arts Faculty at Brigham Young University. He retired from BYU in 2008. His service was recognized in the 2007 edition of Comms Alumni Magazine. He continues producing programs for BYU Television International.

Throughout his career in audio/video production, instructional design, research and evaluation, project management and the technology of media, Gale has designed, written, and produced seventeen major interactive multimedia projects and worked on a number of minor ones. His clients have included Ford, McDonnell-Douglas, the San Francisco Zoo, ARAMCO, the BBC of both London and Japan, the Air Force, the Army, elements of the Intelligence community, CMC of India, WAVES of Denmark, AIMS of Norway, the Israeli Ministry of Education, FLEXIS of Singapore, school district consortia and others.

He also produced radio and television programs that were broadcast nationally and internationally. These included: The Fairest Gem: Origins of the Pearl of Great Price, a radio program; Semester in Nauvoo, a 30 minute television documentary; Imagine Island, a children's ESL series; Canta mi corazon, a children's musical series in Spanish and Portuguese, and others. Working with students in the College he produced musical programs, including original compositions and peformances like Alma sin nido and Canta mi corazon.

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