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Kelly Loosli, 2008

Kelly Loosli has worked in animation and live-action production for the past seventeen years, in both artistic and managerial sides of the industries. Loosli began his career as a clay animator for television commercials at the age of 15. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1996 with a degree in Film. While attending BYU he received a Student Emmy for his clay animated film entitled Nocturnal. Some of Loosli's additional work experience includes DreamWorks Feature Animation, working on films like Shrek and Spirit, and Buena Vista Motion Pictures, the live-action division of Walt Disney.

Loosli is a professor in the Theatre and Media Arts Department at BYU, and helped create the university's nationally recognized animation program while teaching animation and storyboarding. Loosli worked with university students to complete several large computer animated group projects, two live-action and animated mixed films, and two traditionally animated films.

In 2012, named Loolsi as one of the top ten leading educators at universities around the country who make a significant difference in their entertainment disciples. Also in 2012, Professor Loosli attended the Nantucket Film Festival (with student Jacob Wyatt), the Anima Mundi Forum in Brazil, and the Siggraph festival in Los Angeles. The Anima Mundi Forum, held in Rio de Janeiro, is one of the biggest animation forums in the world. Loosli's address at the forum was greeted with a standing ovation and was asked for advice on how to better animation programs in Brazil.

In 2013, Loosli directed first-year animation students and pre-majors to work on a Christmas music video for the band, The Killers, titled Christmas in L.A. Cassie Hiatt, Tom Lefler, and Kyle Stapley were producers for this film. In 2014, Christmas in L.A. tied with the film Owned to win the Outstanding Animation Award at the 2014 BYU Final Cut Film Festival. The same year, Loosli acted as the special host to acclaimed British animator James Baxter when he visited BYU. He was also the Special Effects Supervisor for the LDS Church's 2014 film, Meet the Mormons.

In 2015, he and a production team of BYU students and alumni began filming a documentary about the BYU Animation Program.

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