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Jeff DuBois, 2011. Photo used with permission from The Daily Herald
Jeffrey T. DuBois graduated from BYU in 1997 with a degree in public relations.

Following graduation, DuBois worked in the public relations community where he served as media/analyst relations specialist for clients in the wireless/telecommunications industry. He also provided senior counsel and PR strategy implementation for such clients as IBM Pervasive Computing, IBM Microelectronics, various wireless and mobile computing companies including AirPrime Inc., and brand transition support for MediaOne and AT&T Broadband.

DuBois was the manager of the Bradley Public Relations Lab and also taught the writing and production class in the PR sequence at BYU.

In 2011 Jeff directed BYU's involvement in the Heroes for Health HOPE Project, funded by the Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration in the Arts. This project was a collaboration between non-profit organization Project HOPE and the Bradley Public Relations Agency.

Project HOPE, in an effort to raise health awareness, provided free health screenings to people in Dallas around the time of Superbowl XLV. PR students from the Bradley Agency worked to promote those health screenings and other events in both Spanish and English, managed on-site media, took photos of the experience for the Project HOPE website, helped with registration, and manned health education booths. When Project HOPE staff members were detained by bad weather, members of the Bradley Agency took over the responsibilities of the missing personnel. Over the course of the project PR students were able to experience the "real world" of public relations. They learned, through a shock snow storm in Dallas, how to work through uncontrollable situations and that continuous and complete internal communication is vital in any situation. As a result of these students' efforts Project HOPE was interviewed on FOX news.

DuBois is also a licensed principal broker in the state of Utah and owns a real estate brokerage in Salt Lake City. He has been married to Bonnie DuBois for nine years and they have three children.

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