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Emerson and LeGene Lyman
Emerson Lyman is a champion ballroom dancer who coached the BYU Ballroom Dance Company at Brigham Young University during the 1970's.

Emerson joined the BYU dance faculty in 1973, along with his wife LeGene Lyman, when Roy and June Mavor moved to Texas to pursue other dance interests. Emerson and LeGene significantly broadened the medals program at BYU, strengthening and standardizing the training students received in their technique classes.

In 1974, Emerson and LeGene established the first ballroom dance competition held at BYU, “The International Ball”. This laid the foundation for individual competitive ballroom dance at the University. As directors of the Ballroom Dance Team, the Lymans continued to pursue excellence in competitive formation dancing, returning periodically to the British Formation Championships. In 1977, BYU captured their first Latin Formation Team title in Blackpool, England.

LeGene passed away in 2003, and Emerson married Bonnie Christensen.

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