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Claudia Hill retired from the Dance Department at Brigham Young University in 2013 after teaching there for 33 years. While at BYU, Hill taught social dance and served as aerobic exercise coordinator for 19 years. She holds a masters degree in dance and is a dual licentiate with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.

Hill, and her husband Bard, also taught BYU campus education week courses for 19 years, retiring in 2007. Claudia is also the President of the Hooked on Aerobics company, responsible for the syndicated PBS TV series as well as the best-selling book of the same name. This TV series is the longest running series in KBYU history.

Hill is an expert in exercise science and health science. While at BYU, Hill taught the teaching methods classes for high school teachers, dance teachers and aerobic's instructors.

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